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Our mission is to give to the world truth – the truth regarding human beings. What we think, what we like, what we enjoy and what we find intolerable. After all, science is the search for truth. We wish to steer your interest and wonder toward the human experience rather than the physical sciences.

We bring you real Life Stories of the people themselves and polls offering you the opinions of those people. Within the context given by the author, you will be able to experience those occurrences that otherwise you would be unaware.

Our Life Stories are what define us. There should be a record for each of us - what really happened when, what you really wanted to say, and how you could do things over if you could. We encourage you to share a bit of yourself with the world in anticipation of a renewed connection.

There is little chance that each of us will ever meet everyone alive today. The goal is to try to get to know as many as possible. To strive and pursue that part of another that we see in ourselves. To understand the concept of empathy to the point of tears. To share a thought or a dream that you could nearly touch.

Each of us has a story and within each Story Page there is a definable truth. You don’t have to write a Story Page of your own to enjoy Intrinsic Science. You have access to Story Pages that peak your interest, and polls that challenge you to think.

To share one’s story is a noble effort – we built this website with this concept in mind. To allow life accounts to be shared between those who otherwise would never have the chance to meet.

Our aim is to make it simpler for truth, compassion, understanding, and inspiration to take flight. And forgive us this last objective; it just might be fun too!



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