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Title: Lifes A Stage

So many seeds I have not sown
nor worldly goods do I own
Yet my life I would not trade
or the varied roles I played
For is not life like a stage
we the actors as we age
Times in which we will grieve
wear our hearts on our sleeve
There will be births to celebrate
and death we'll see as we wait
Lots of heartache along the way
yet I would not trade a day
Nor change the role which I play
For on the stage of life you see
so much love was shared with me
Even though they are now gone
all their love still lingers on
So I continue on life's stage
Until I am called back stage
and on my final curtain call
I will bid Adieu to one and all


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Passcode: SaiSid

Title: My Companion

She's an intimate confidante of me,
And I am committed to her,
Every moment we enjoy together.
Her absence leaves me gloomy,
And my agility begins to falter.

She talks to me of only you,
Of your thoughts and the past moments,
In which your life was full of merriment.
And when something in your heart grew,
'Twas the perching of sentiments.

Far away now you are, and so,
She comes to me and draws your picture,
Sometimes an obedient son and of your friendly nature.
Also of your cowardice and of feelings which I know,
Will sometimes in you shall nurture.

She urges me to meet you and talk,
About the unspoken words lost in reticence,
Of the endangered honor and my reluctance.
Making me a lovelorn, at whom my own feelings mock,
Unable to comprehend why you sit on the fence?

Oh! Why she comes to me and disturbs,
My tasks, enveloping me in the reminiscence?
From which I know not any deliverance.
But, the more she perplexes me and perturbs,
I like her more, for she's your remembrance.

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Passcode: 31545

Title: Before You Know It

Life is like a planetarium, for the young,
Children can look up at the stars and see
their parents, teachers, siblings, and mentors,
People who have rocketed through the galaxies and opened doors,
One day you hope to rise up and open yours,

Children grow from seeds, and they grow like weeds,
From the sorrowfully, safe soil they've been planted it,
They rise with a sparkle in their eyes and ideas that were planted in
their hearts and their minds, letting them know that light is on their
side, they just need to trust it, look up and the sun will be their
guide, they can float on its rays, reach out their small hands and
take a piece of the sky, yes they can touch it and taste it, bend it
and break it, hold it or hate it,

To some life is like a box, they've confessed that they've sat at
their desks, and picked at the chains on their locks,
yes the chains, because they're too far gone to crack the mechanism
because they've been seduced by the substances that beckoned them
They find it too difficult to be free from their prison and tear down
its walls, to them I say, "Free your mind, clear your thoughts, and
accept all your flaws."

Although all of you are worth it, none of you are perfect
Neither is a model nor was Einstein
Accept your brain and your body, they're wonderful and beautiful and
you can say that they're all mine

I beg you to look past the false, freedom-less, futile force-field
encompassing your cube-like space.
Allow the corrupt, corrosive walls to crack and crumble around you
The rubble will not surround you, I promise,
It will dissolve and disintegrate,
Quicker than a blink, faster than you can think because,
It's not even there, it's lighter that the air that fills your lungs
and gives you life, sweeter than the kiss of day changing to night,

This dome-like structure was a mere creation,
A meager simulation of the trials and tribulations of something
greater, something you can wrap you arms around, but if you laid it
down, it could not wrap around the earth's equator
It's abnormally enormous and normally stands for all this
Love, that fits in your heart,
That makes you feel like you're travelling backwards from finish to
start, and speaking of finish lines

For all this time we've been climbing and we're about to reach the
summit, ready to plummet into a new world, a new beginning
Thoughts have been tossing and turning in my head,
Doing somersaults like an acrobat,
I've been thinking of ways to change the world,
and how I'm going to act on that,
I want to build bridges and break barriers,
If you find it too hard to hold your hatchet give it to me and I'll
bury yours,

Let go of you hatred it will just send you spinning
It's like a centripetal force and pain is winning
Now I don't mean to go off tangent but I just can't stand it when
someone has all the perfect pieces to their puzzle in front of them
and they look the other way, or when someone finds the key to life and
says "I'll open that door another day"
To they I say,

You better shape up, because before you know it
Babies will grow and people will learn
Suns will set and tides will turn
Before you know it this world will undergo a metamorphosis of itself,
And of course it will help set a new course for ourselves,

We will sail out into this bright, blue world on a boat built on our
shoulders, Into a future in which we won't need soldiers to protect us
from enemies who block peace like boulders, weighed down so much by
their own belligerence that their backs are breaking

And while I am no prophet in the making, I just want the world to know
that I'll never be it's keeper, only it's crutch
And while I'll probably never be a savior I promise to savor every
moment that I have, I hope my generation's creations will make both
our ancestors and descendants proud,
And I want to scream out loud that the future is coming,
Fast, I can see it
Although we are a people we are also the phoenix,
And our flames will be the pretext to a new age,
And there won't be time to stop and see the change,
Or say, "Here hold this" as we take solace in the truths that hide
behind the mirrors of our own eyes,
Because before you it the future will set a bright fire in the skies,
Before you know it,
We. Will. Rise.


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Passcode: tigger1

Title: Alcohol

I hate the taste of alcohol
a squalid little drink
that twists the thoughts inside of you
and changes what you think

It takes away whatís good in life
destroys the growth of love
replacing it with bitterness
it covers love in mud

Its bitter innuendoes
it's thoughts provoking fears
With anger in the fights you share
your violence and your rage

The wholes within your budget
build room for lovers graves
The cost of loving beer my friend
is subtle deep and strong

Attacking home and family
to me my friend thatís wrong
You blame your wife, your husband
your son, the friends you share

destroying life around you
with each and every year
yet still you keep on drinking
your liquid cruelty clear

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