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IS JumpStart charges 5% of all donations, a $1.95 registration fee, and a
handling charge of 2.9%. All published pages will remain in the public domain.


As a condition of using our service, you represent to us that:

All funds you obtain are used for the purpose you described in your campaign.

That your campaign does not represent a charity or non-profit organization.

That you will comply with all relevant federal, state, and local laws attributed to your campaign and marketing efforts done on behalf of your campaign.


Chosen Postings

All published (posted) submissions are at the sole discretion of Intrinsic Science. We post Life Stories based on whether it meets our editorial guidelines. We also maintain the right to post or not to post comments of any manuscripts or submissions by us or by others at any time and by any means.


As author of submitted manuscripts, you maintain ownership of the original but not of extrapolations to said submission nor to interpretations done by Intrinsic Science or others who have read your story and manipulated the general idea. Intrinsic Science maintains ownership of all written manuscripts and submissions and any electronic submissions to us. We will not be required to return manuscripts or submissions nor discontinue postings of any manuscripts or submissions for any reason. Once we receive said manuscripts and submissions, we may use them in any manner we deem necessary and/or appropriate. It is a good idea to keep copies of everything submitted.

Intrinsic Science is not liable or in any way responsible for copyrighted, patented, or otherwise established ownership of any submissions, manuscripts or ideas submitted to us. We are not responsible for the infringement or plagiarism of said submissions by others who visit this website or possible direct or indirect knowledge visually, verbally, or otherwise articulated of submissions or ideas through this website nor of any postings or reprintings by us.

It is the author(s) obligation to maintain ownership or any inferred rights of their submissions. We will not incur any burden to prove or establish ownership or any rights of or to any manuscript or submissions in any way.


All submissions, polls, comments, and advertisements must be in English, original, and unpublished. Manuscripts and/or submissions may not contain any objectionable material. Intrinsic Science maintains sole discretion as to what is objectionable. We reserve the right to disallow any manuscript or submission for any reason.

Intrinsic Science does not accept submissions or links to any website of an overtly sexually explicit nature. It is the responsibility of the user to avoid submitting manuscripts to Intrinsic Science. Refunds will not be provided to any user based on the unacceptability of their website. Whether a manuscript, submission, or website is acceptable or not is at the sole discretion of Intrinsic Science.

All manuscripts submitted not meeting Intrinsic Scienceís standards of decency will be subject to removal without warning or notice.


Submitted manuscripts or submissions can be posted and/or removed at any time without notification of the author. In the event that an authorís manuscript or submission is posted, they may or may not be notified by Intrinsic Science.


When you submit a comment to us about another authorís work, it is in good taste not to be facetious. We are certainly looking for constructive criticism, but not discouraging comments. Not all reviews will be posted and there isnít a time limit on those that are.



At Intrinsic Science we believe that the establishment of trust and privacy is instrumental to good customer relations. We have created this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to individual privacy. The policy is designed to assist you in your understanding of how we collect, use, and safeguard the personal information you provide to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our services.

Collection of Personal Information

Intrinsic Science collects personal information including, without limitations, name, address, e-mail address, telephone, and demographic data from its customers and users. We may collect such personal data as part of the initial submission process for users and when users submit comments or other correspondence to Intrinsic Science through its website or otherwise. Additionally, Intrinsic Science may collect personal information through its website by using cookies or other methods of monitoring web usage. We do not market, sell, or trade this information to any outside company, but collected information may be shared with our business partners. We, at times, use the demographic information as a marketing or promotional tool. When this is done, we will make sure it remains entirely anonymous.


Our advertisement, comment, poll, invitation, and submission forms require users to give us contact information, unique identifiers, financial information, and demographic information. When this type of information is collected, it travels through the Internet in encrypted form. Intrinsic Science uses SSL, which provides strong cryptography, to transfer all of the personal information to Intrinsic Science. Financial and submitted information are encrypted and stored in that form on our servers.


We are not responsible for typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors in submissions, advertising, comments, reviews or suggestions. We will make every effort to correct these problems upon notification.

The refund policy of Intrinsic Science is bound by the following conditions:

Refunds will be provided upon request if your advertising is not posted within 72 hours of your order being processed. There will not be any refunds for partial months of posting upon cancellation of said advertisement. Ads may be continued indefinitely, until said month of listing service is completed or may be removed without notice, prior to the completion of paid periodís ending date. We provide no explicit guarantees regarding results from our advertising service.

Intrinsic Science does not accept submissions, advertising, reviews, comments, or suggestions of an overtly sexually explicit nature. It is the responsibility of the user to avoid registering with Intrinsic Science. Refunds will not be provided to any user based on the unacceptability of their advertising. Whether advertising, websites, reviews, comments, or suggestions is acceptable or not is at the sole discretion of Intrinsic Science.

All submitted material not meeting our standards of decency will be subject to removal without warning or notice.

It is the responsibility of our users to create, maintain, and police the content of their submissions, reviews, comments, advertising and/or websites, including obeying all local, regional, and national laws. Websites or advertising found in violation of any laws may be removed from Intrinsic Scienceís listings at any time without notice or refund. We cannot, and will not be held liable or accountable for content of userís comments, submissions, advertising or websites.

Listing Maintenance - Your advertising account will remain active from the point of account creation to the point at which your account is canceled. You may cancel your advertising at any time. Please allow 72 hours from the point at which your cancellation request is submitted for the request to be processed, at which point all future billings to you are terminated. Specifically, to be sure to avoid a future billing, you will need to request cancellation of your listing three (3) days before your next date of submission and must be e-mailed to for cancellation to go into effect. Please note that the terms ďmonthlyĒ apply only to the relevant periods in the payment schedule, and not to the length of time which listings will remain current. Listings will be terminated upon request for cancellation, regardless of the point in the payment cycle at which this occurs.

Listing Failure - If a due advertising payment fails to be made, your account may be closed and advertisement removed. Potential reasons for advertising payments failing include the card number changing, the card expiring, your billing address having changed, or having insufficient funds available. In the case that we are unable to authorize a charge, our system will continue to attempt charging your card. You may receive a warning e-mail that your listing will be suspended if authorization cannot be achieved.

Payments - Initial billing is submitted upon completion of the signup process, at which point recurring billing is initiated. All future billings will be submitted on or about the original signup date in all future months unless otherwise notified by Intrinsic Science.   Prices are subject to change; however, you will be notified with 30 days notice, via e-mail or website posting, of any such changes before they go into effect, and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your listing should you so wish.

Updates to Intrinsic Scienceís Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions listed are subject to change, and may be modified by Intrinsic Science at any time.


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