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How It Works - Crowdsource Funding!

Certain projects help small businesses or individuals wanting to start a small business.
Others help individuals that are in financial crisis and need some assistance.
In most cases, campaigns help support their passion or to help them
to meet their financial responsibility or to fund their business ideas.

In certain parts of the world, a small donation can go a long way. You could be
helping fund a whole new life. In the U.S. $250 may mean very little, but
in certain developing countries it could mean the difference between a
difficult life and putting food on the table for an entire family.

You may fund/donate to one or any number of projects. You may also promote
the project of your choice. You may place a link on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These donations are very appreciated, and you will be helping someone
strike out in an effort to make their life better. These individuals pledge to
make a sincere effort as thanks for helping fund their campaign.


Create A Project

Step 1. Register

Registration is completely Free and it takes very little time. Click the
Create A Project link at the top of the page, fill in the form and click submit.

Step 2. Confirmation

You will receive an email from us confirming that you have created a project.

Step 3. Share With Friends & Family

We will give you tips to help make your project successful.

Donate To A Project

Step 1. Register

When you register, a fee of only $1.95 will be charged. The full amount
of your donation/pledge will be charged within three (3) business days.

Step 2. Confirmation

You will receive an email from us confirming your donation
amount and the name of the project you chose.

Step 3. Project Updates

By visiting the project of your choice, you are able to view their progress,
ask questions, or donate more money.


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